Member Benefits

As a member you receive a wide range of benefits including exclusive access to industry incentives, exposure to your target audience and support from an active network of likeminded winemakers in your region.

Major Events

Invitation to participate in Wine Geelong major events:
Pinot Affair, Winter Shiraz Weekend, The Geelong Wine Show, Toast to the Coast

Geelong Wine Show

Enjoy discounted rates from $80 to $55 per entry for our annual Geelong Wine Show

Delegation Visits

Opportunity to participate in sommelier and/or media delegation visits to Geelong

Wine Victoria Membership

Automatic membership to Wine Victoria which provides vital industry support in areas relating to taxation, wine, health and tourism

Winemaker Sessions

Opportunity to participate in quarterly winemaker/principal sessions (great for learning and networking with peers)

Industry Workshops

Invitation to educational /industry specific workshops throughout the year including those from AWRI and TGGB


Detailed listing on Wine Geelong website and interactive map

Digital Marketing

Promotion across Wine Geelong social media – Facebook /Instagram


Advertising opportunity in Wine Geelong EDM monthly newsletter to public database (10,000+ reach)

Shape the Region

Opportunity to be part of the Executive Committee. Participate in Wine Geelong general meetings and help shape the Geelong wine region.

Social Functions

Invitation to all Wine Geelong social /networking member functions (2 per year)

Industry Support

Regular communication of industry updates and funding opportunities. Assistance and support for selling /buying or industry related questions or requests.


Pricing Plans

Commercial Members

Involved in the commercial production of wine grapes and/or wine

from $618

per annum ex GST


Not directly involved in the production of wine grapes or wine (eg. Wine Touring Groups)


per annum ex GST

Small Producers

Involved in the commercial production of wine with no grapes under vine. Annual crush is less than 10 tonnes.


per annum ex GST

Non Commercial / Student

A member with less than 1.6 ha of vines planted and who does not sell wine under their own label.


per annum ex GST

Payment Plans

Wine Geelong offers the convenience of payment plans for members annual fees. Options include annually, quarterly (+2.5%) or monthly (+5%).

Commercial Members Fee Calculation Information

For the purpose of fee calculation, membership of Wine Geelong included both area under vine/or grapes crushed regardless of individual business structures.

Determine the fee for your winegrowing operation based on your latest harvest by choosing the value in section 1a. (Area under vine) combined with the appropriate value in section 1b. (Grapes Crushed).

Grapes crushed is defined as Geelong grown grapes crushed in the latest season for sale under your own label(s). The crush for growers who have wine made under contract is the tonnes of Geelong grapes crushed for the wine sold under the grower’s label(s).

Example: For a vineyard of 9 hectares and a crush of 50 tonnes (35 from your own vineyards and 15 purchased from other Geelong growers but not including grapes vintaged under contract) the fee would be Area Under Vine = $433 + Grapes Crushed $988.00 which bring the total fee payable to $1421 (plus GST).

Area under vine

Less than 1 hectare                                 $309.00

Less than 10 hectares                             $433.00

Less than 50 hectares                             $556.00

Greater than 50 hectares                        $680.00


Grapes Crushed

Less than 10 tonnes                                  $309.00

Less than 20 tonnes                                 $618.00

Less than 100 tonnes                               $988.00

Less than 250 tonnes                               $1545.00

Greater than 250 tonnes                         $1854.00