Wine Geelong

Who We Are

The Geelong Winegrowers Association, or Wine Geelong, is a non-profit industry association that was formed with the purpose of furthering and strengthening the development of viticulture, winemaking and tourism in Geelong and its sub-regions.

Some of the activities that Wine Geelong undertakes on behalf of its members include:

  • Wine and tourism marketing including four annual, major public events
  • Viticulture and wine making technical support
  • Education
  • Advocacy to ensure that Geelong is a priority region for industry bodies and Government

Wine Geelong

Our Values

  • Provide leadership and direction for the continuing development of the Geelong region’s brand locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Support continuous improvement in the capability of growers and makers, and the region’s wine product through education and the sharing of relevant experience and expertise
  • Foster collaboration across the wine industry and with key partners
  • Advocate for the needs of the region’s wine industry and represent the interests of Wine Geelong members to industry, government and the regional community

“Wine Geelong brings together our grape growers, producers, winery owners and staff in collaborative industry and public events throughout each year. The ability to connect the local industry and offer support, is an important part of what we do”

– Priscilla Leahy, Wine Geelong