The name refers to the three colours of wine that are made by the business: white, red and rosé. It is also a subtle reference to the French Flag, the tricolor, symbolising the inspiration drawn by the winemaker from a formative year in Provence, France.

On returning to his hometown Geelong, Winemaker/Owner Johnny Clark noticed the many similarities between Provence and Geelong/Surfcoast: both share beautiful beaches, a busy holiday scene and a Victorian era grandeur in many of the older hotels and buildings from Cannes to Queenscliff. The marketing aim of three colours is to capture the coast, summer holidays and a dash of escapism.

In the vineyard ‘three colours’ buys grapes from within the Geelong region, and is proud to have sourced fruit from the Bellarine Peninsula, the Moorabool Valley and the Surf Coast. Emphasis is placed on harvesting the grapes when they have produced the flavours which Johnny wishes to retain in the finished wines. Some green harvesting (crop reduction) for example was used in 2017 to achieve this aim.

The wines are made by Johnny, who applies much of the knowledge he acquired in his Oenology studies, and many of the skills he has picked up in the vineyard, laboratory and cellar. The winemaking is based on Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon – Shiraz for the rosé, Shiraz and Cabernet for the red, and Chardonnay for the white, (this is in keeping with grapes permitted within the Provençal AOP’s). They are 100% Geelong based. All wines are refreshing and light in alcohol, not exceeding 13% ABV. The Rosé is hand picked, and pressed immediately. It is cold-settled, racked and fermented to dryness. It over-winters on lees, to preserve freshness and provide a counter balance to the crisp fruit flavours. Some French oak has been used in both the white and the red. The Bordeaux based Nadalié cooperage is favoured for its light touch. A quarter of the white goes through malo-lactic fermentation giving the wine texture and gloss. The 2017 and 2018 Rosé’s are 11%, while the 2018 white and red are 12.0% ABV.


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Winery Details

Year Established: 2017
Owner: Johnny Clark
Winemaker: Johnny Clark

Johnny Clark was born in Geelong and grew up enjoying many happy summer holidays on the Surfcoast. He holds a degree in Wine Marketing and a Master of Oenology from The University of Adelaide. He has worked in Portugal, Germany, France, Chile and the U.S.A as well as vintages across Australia. As a brand new cellarhand in 1999 one of his first tasks was to gather wood and start a fire to warm water for yeast inoculation. From the Andes to treading (and singing) the lagares of a Douro quinta, pressing Yarra Valley Sparkling, open fermenting Mclaren Vale Grenache to the technical world of a German Keller, it has been a long and very enjoyable apprenticeship. As a corporate winemaker he worked three years with Hardy’s and three with McGuigan. He has just completed his twenty first vintage.


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Wine Varieties

  • Rosé
  • Shiraz
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay