Planting the “Heritage Block” at Barwon Ridge – 150 year anniversary celebration

Where: Barwon Ridge, 50 McMullans Road, Barrabool.

When: Saturday, 1st September, 2018.

Time: 9am – approx. 12.00pm (morning tea provided)

Activity: The replanting of Pinot Meunier cuttings back in The Barrabool Hills was an idea first conceived as a small, but symbolically significant celebration to mark the 150 years since cuttings from the Barrabool area were planted by Henry Best of Bests Great Western back in 1868, in his ‘Pigsty Block’ vineyard. The cuttings he sourced were from Ceres in the Barrabool Hills of the Geelong Region. This iconic Great Western vineyard is one of the last remaining pre-phylloxera viticultural links to the founding Geelong wine growers of the 1800’s. And so, with such an auspicious and timely opportunity available, it was decided to seek permission from the Thomson family of Bests Winery in Great Western and take cuttings from their vineyards and mark the 150 years in order

to reconnect the two regions across time. This day seeks to invite and unite winemakers from across the Geelong region, to join ranks and be a part of replanting the “Ceres” Pinot Meunier back to the Barrabool Hills. In doing so, creating “The Heritage Block” at Barwon Ridge and to celebrate our region’s historical linkage.

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